Now Then!  Welcome to Acorn Preserves
“Produced in Kilburn under the shadow of the famous White Horse”

Our natural home-made preserves are created from fresh local ingredients; many harvested from our own garden. Using traditional recipes and open maslin pans we produce small batches of artisan jams, chutneys, hedgerow jellies and mustard’s.
Most of our produce is suitable for vegans and are gluten free. 

****New for 2016**** Our Forest fruit range of No added sugar and low sugar jams.

In development for some time we are proud to announce our latest range of no added sugar and low sugar jams.
mixedberrieswebNo added sugar Mixed Berry Jam
No added sugar Strawberry Jam
Low Natural Sugar Mixed Berry Jam, sweetened with a little honey.

See our No added sugar page for more details.


Some of our latest issues are featured below.


Damson Chutney

This delightful versatile chutney is based on Delia Smith’s original recipe using local Yorkshire damsons. She describes it as the “the very best chutney of all”. We wouldn’t dare to disagree with her….try some and see for yourself.
Honey Mustard

English mustard and local honey from our own bees are blended together to make this hot relish. Mustard as it should be.

Dark Ale Mustard

Whole mustard grains are steeped in local dark ale overnight, sweetened with a tadge of honey and dashing of nutmeg before blending into a wholesome hearty whole-grain mustard An excellent accompaniment for all meats.