Now Then!  Welcome to Acorn Preserves
“Artisan preserves made in Kilburn under the shadow of the famous White Horse”

2023 is now upon us and we can be found at our usual haunts as listed on the right hand side. 

We have lots of our own local honey and delicious preserves for sale.
We look forward to welcoming you in the coming year..

Our natural home-made preserves are created from fresh local ingredients; many harvested from our own garden. Using traditional recipes and open maslin pans we produce small batches of artisan jams, chutneys, hedgerow jellies and mustard’s.

We produce a small amount of natural honey each year from our own bees which are left free to roam around the glorious Yorkshire countryside. This is honey at it’s best, unpasteurized and totally natural.  We also carry a range of beeswax products from blocks, various beeswax candles through to beeswax polish.

We usually have supplies of soft set honey, summer blossom honey (runny), borage honey, heather honey and cut comb. Our different summer blossom varieties can be quite complex in flavor, ranging from a slightly nutty to zesty to toffeeish aftertastes, depending on the flowers our bees have been foraging on.

We are delighted that a couple of shops in Thirsk now stock our Honey.
They are the Greengrocers (near the market clock)  91-93 Market Place YO7 1EY
And Lee and Sons Butchers 7 Castlegate, Thirsk, YO7 1HL