paddingtonwebWe produce three classic home-made marmalade’s.
They are all suitable for vegetarians and vegans and gluten free.






Seville Orange Marmalade
Our medium shred Seville orange marmalade is made with those wonderfully sour2sevillesmall Seville Oranges that are only available for a short time in early January. The bitterness of the peel contrasts wonderfully with the sweetness of the body to produce a truly classic marmalade.
This is a true marmalade made in the traditional way. The only ingredients we use are fresh Seville orange juice, their peel, sugar and Yorkshire water.  The peel is simmered in the juices for about 2 hours before we add the sugar. A rapid boil for between 15 to 20 minutes to get the classic jelly set of a true marmalade and that’s it. Each batch never makes more than 12 x 8oz jars.

Our marmalade has won silver awards at the world acorn_rosettemarmalade festival, held in Dalemain, Cumbria, in 2012, 2013 and 2014. We will never get the gold as there are a few too many bubbles in ours for a competition marmalade.  The judges rated the taste as excellent and that is the bit that matters!


Ginger Marmalade

Our Ginger marmalade is made with fresh stem ginger that gives it a subtle but not 2Gingersmalloverpowering eastern flavor. A warming addition at the breakfast table.
Just the thing for spreading on toast or pancakes –Try serving it with savory dishes like ham, roast chicken, turkey etc. One of our regular customers has hers with vanilla ice cream.



Lemon Marmalade

This latest addition to our range is made with fresh un-waxed lemons. Its zingy and refreshing.  Try a taster at one of our regular markets.  We use it aslemontransp taste-bud stimulating change from our other breakfast marmalade’s. Just don’t tell everyone!