chutneywebWe started making our own chutneys because of our dissatisfaction with the taste of mass produced preserves.
Surely we could do better!
We can!

Our first chutney was a piccalilli, it was delicious and a real eye-opener,a whole new world of possibilities opened up. We now make a selection of tasty home-made chutneys based on our philosophy of using locally sourced quality ingredients. All our chutneys are made in small batches in traditional maslin pans.  We only sell what we eat a lot of ourselves, so we know they are good and certainly suit our palates.
The chutneys and relishes we make are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.  Most of our chutneys are suitable for those wanting to avoid gluten; only our Dark Ale chutney contains gluten from the beer we add.

A full range of the chutneys and relishes we produce are listed  below.
These all currently retail at £3 per 8oz jar.

Click on the name to get more information about each product.


PorkpiesmallPiccalilli is a classic English interpretation of Indian pickles, a relish made from chopped fresh vegetables, mustard and Indian spices.  After our initial success making this traditional chutney we have refined and modified it to the point we think it is perfect. Vegetables are cubed small, not the large “can’t spread” on crackers type you find in the mass produced stuff. We add a little sugar and honey from our own bees to smooth the after taste.
It’s probably our biggest seller and people travel from  miles to get their “fix” .
It is wonderful with all cheeses and meats and perhaps at it’s finest when served with a “proper” pork pie! Try some next time you see us.

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The Woodmans Winter Chutney

WinterchutneywebThis a warming rich  chutney we make from dates, apricots, dried plums and other winter seasonal fruits. It is a great accompaniment for strong cheeses, meats and pizza. Try it I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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Red Onion Marmalade Relish with Balsamic Vinegar

smallrednobackgroundOnions are rarely given the opportunity to star in their own show. This relish puts this right. Brilliant served with sausages, plough-mans lunches, beefburgers etc.  Adding a tablespoon to mashed potatoes transforms a simple dish into a meal fit for kings.
A long slow cooking turns a pan full of onions into a fantastic marmalade relish.  Marmalade here refers to the cooking process and doesn’t mean it is intended for use on toast! Marmalade is derived from a french word that refers to preserves that require a long cooking process, as in traditional marmalade’s.
We use over 2 kilograms of onions to produce a mere 10 jars of finished preserve. It is a tearful process, but one we endure willingly for the taste of the finished product.

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Brown Onion Marmalade Relish

White onionThis is made in exactly the same way as our Red onion relish, but using brown onions instead of red. Brown onions are a little less sweet and have a stronger flavor. If you want a really “oniony” relish try this one. We can’t quite decide which we prefer out of the two.

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Beetroot and Horseradish Relish.

beethorseradishweb Freshly grated horseradish and beetroot are blended together to produce this extraordinary relish. The sweetness of the beetroot is followed by a gorgeous horseradish aftertaste. The two flavors really complement one another, producing a heavenly relish. Excellent with all meats and cheeses. Try it with roast beef or in ham sandwiches.  It also accompanies many cheeses.
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No added sugar Beetroot and Horseradish Relish.

We have had many requests from diabetics for a sugar free relish. We had several attempts but non seemed quite right….until this one. We make this in the the same traditional manner as our normal beetroot and horseradish relish but omit adding any sugar. The natural sweetness of beetroot is sufficient. We do not add any other artificial sweeteners or the like. The taste is excellent.

Ploughman’s Plum chutney

This little delight is based on a Delia Smith original recipe, but using our own local Yorkshire damsons. She describes it as the “the very best chutney of all”. We wouldn’t dare to disagree with her….try some and see for yourself.
This really is a classic chutney.

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Sweet Mango Chutney

(Currently out of stock) Fresh cubes of mango with light spices create a wonderful relish. Equally at home with cheeses and meats and of course curry’s

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 Hot Bombay Chutney

This is one you requested.  You told us how delicious and “warm” our tomato chilli relish is but some of you requested  more heat.
So here it is.
Based on an apple and sultana base it combines sweet fruit notes  with hot Indian spices.
Ideal for coronation chicken, curry’s, meats and cheeses.
Anticipating that there will still be some of you (you know who are!) who think this isn’t hot enough….watch this space…. our ultra extreme “Devils Breath” chutney is now available.

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 Devils Breath

Making chutneys ultra hot is not a problem, just add more chillies. The hard part is designing a very hot chutney that has oodles of flavour and taste. So here it is. A long time experimenting but we finally got there. This is hotter than our Bombay chutney and is about naga phall strength in heat. Some of our customers say it is changing their lives….for the better we hope.

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