Do you miss the quality and taste of home-made jams and chutneys?

We did.
That’s why we started making our own. We got quite passionate about it too.  Friends rated our products so highly they suggested we should start selling them.

So we did.

1smallgardenOur philosophy is to use the best fresh local produce available.  Our main ingredients -except for our marmalade oranges, of course- are grown in our own garden, in our neighbor’s orchards or are sourced locally.  Even our jam jars are made in Yorkshire.

We are based in the picturesque village of Kilburn in North Yokshire, just beneath the famous White Horse that we can see from our kitchen window.

We only make a small range of what we know to be exceptionally tasty, high quality jams, chutneys and relishes.  We use no artificial preservatives or additives in our products.  Just sugar, vinegars and  spices as our recipes require.  Our jams and chutneys are made in small batches at home in our local authority  approved kitchen using traditional methods. They really are home made.

We keep bees, too, so we sometimes have local honey to sell.
Our hard working bees produce the wax that we refine to make
candles and other products of the hive.


Come along to any of our markets and try some samples for yourself.