Wjamwebe make a variety of delicious home made natural jams using only quality fruits, sugars and natural ingredients. Most of the fruit we use is home grown in our garden or our neighbors orchards. Our range of jams are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They are all gluten free. Note our lemon curd contains eggs and butter.

Below is a listing of our products.  Many are seasonal products and we often sell out quickly.  Pricing is £3 per jar (all approx 8ozs).

Lemon Curd
lemontranspWe use an old traditional farmhouse recipe and make it with the finest lemons,  eggs, sugar and unsalted butter we can buy. This creates a simply wonderful Lemon Curd.  Sharp lemon tastes against a custardy background.  If you’ve never tasted home made lemon curd before you have a real treat coming.
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Blackcurrant Jam

webblackcurrantAfter the rhubarb our next seasonal crops are blackcurrants and redcurrants. This is one of our early season jams made with our own home grown Blackcurrants. Full of intense blackcurrant flavours, simply delicious. We can’t make enough of it. More blackcurrant bushes have been planted!

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Strawberry Jam

A taste of summer
strawberrywebWe make this highly acclaimed strawberry jam using our own home grown  strawberries.  We use only our best strawberries, non of your small overripe mushy rejects in our jam, we eat these!!
From picking to jam pan in less than two hours. This a strawberry jam with taste in abundance. There is no added water, we simply allow the sugar to draw the juices out of the berries add a dash of lemon juice and some apple pectin…and that’s it.
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Rhubarb and Ginger Jam.

Rhubarb Especially for all you rhubarb lovers out there, a flavor match made in heaven,
We make this with fresh rhubarb grown in our garden in North Yorkshire.
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Rhubarb Jam

r2We had requests from several rhubarb lovers for a jam without the ginger. We always listen to our customers, so here it is. Made with our home grown North Yorkshire Rhubarb but without any ginger.

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Damson Jam.
DamsonDamsons are small plums with a very intense flavour. We stone each fruit by hand. It’s a labour of love!
They make a wonderful jam full of damson flavours set against a sweet background. We simply can’t make enough of it.
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Victoria Plum Jam

victoriawebPlum jams are incredibly tasty and very underrated in our opinion. We harvest a lot of Victoria plums each year and make  an excellent plum jam from them.
Unfortunately 2015 has been a bad year for plums in our area and stocks are limited. Buy now before we sell out.

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Yellow Pershore Plum Jam

pershore2Yellow Pershore’s are a cooking plum that are quite sour. But mixed with sugar and jammed their taste simply explodes on the tongue.  We can’t believe how good this jam is.
We normally harvest these from our neighbors trees but these have failed for the last two years. We couldn’t live without it and a pick-your-own orchard close to Pershore was sourced. We drove down, picked them, drove back and made jam. They are now back in stock. One of our favorites.

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Plum and Cinnamon Jam

cinamonAdding a dash of Ceylon cinnamon to our plum jams transforms them to a level of sophistication that we like very much.  Usually made with Victoria plums or Czar plums.   We can’t quite decide which is best.
Please visit our stall and try some, you won’t be disappointed.

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Fresh Yorkshire gooseberries are the heart of this jam. Alas we cannot grow sufficient gooseberries to meet demand and are soon left with bare shelves waiting for next years crop.
More bushes have been planted, unfortunately they won’t be mature enough for a few years. If you see gooseberry jam on our shelves be sure to treat yourself to a jar, we probably won’t have any next time you visit.

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