Do you remember when mustard’s used to bite back?
We were puzzled why shop bought ones didn’t, then we looked at their ingredients. It’s an eye opener….did you know the very bright yellow colour of ¬†supermarket English mustard’s is caused by adding turmeric to it?


English Mustard with Honey

mus2Using English mustard mixed with honey from our own bees we have produced a mustard that has bite and simply blows the mass produced ones into touch. The honey adds a touch of sweetness you don’t¬†get by adding sugar.
It is not a bright yellow! It’s a natural English mustard colour, a pale yellow. Some of our customers like it so much we have to produce it in 12oz jars for them. We suggest you try the smaller ones first, then come back and talk to us about larger quantities.


Dark Ale Wholegrain Mustard

seed+beerWe take whole yellow and brown mustard seeds and soak them overnight in dark ale. Add our own honey, some spices and a little vinegar. A quick whiz in the blender produces a very exciting whole grain mustard with beery after-tones. One which we are sure you will enjoy. Excellent with all meats.


German Style Whole Grain Mustard

germanflagGerman mustard’s in the UK are usually found as smooth pastes. This is our wholegrain version. We soak a mixture of yellow and brown mustard seeds in white wine (German of course!), add a mixture of spices including garlic, nutmeg, cinnamon and others. This is a robust strong tasting mustard with plenty of character, at it’s best with meats. It is the accompaniment for frankfurters.